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The ICS is unarguably amongst the toughest exams in India with the pass percentage being less than 1% after the final round. Joining a reputable tutorial center such as the ICS Coaching Center helps you prepare and make you ready to crack the exams and join the successful elite 1%.

With lakhs of people applying for two to three thousand jobs, securing a government job is a tough task indeed. You require the skills to answer the questions precisely and within a set time limit. The training provided by the ICS Coaching Center prepares you educationally and mentally and hones your knowledge so that you can secure a government job. Apart from this, the government prefers students taught by this institution over others.

Students often feel lost at sea when it comes to understanding what to read to successfully prepare themselves for the ICS exams. The course materials provided by the ICS Coaching Center is your best bet.

More than 95% of people who have secured government jobs have done so after successfully completing the ICS.