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Youth across India need government jobs. You can associate with us by opening a franchise in your area. For further details, please call us at +917040200000


  • Branches require no teachers as we employ satellite technique for classes
  • The head office provides all classes of teachers who produce toppers regularly
  • The head office further provides syllabus and study material
  • Regular training sessions to promote business
  • Satellite technique allows for teaching of maximum number of students
  • Low investment with high returns
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Call for Franchise+91 70 4020 0000

Why ICS is Your Best Bet

Nowadays, more and more people are opting for government jobs. On the one hand jobs in private companies might pay more, but they squeeze every ounce of blood from their employees, often making them work overtime without any extra pay. In addition, there is no guarantee of a permanent job. Private companies have the right to sack their employees without citing any reason. On the other hand, government jobs assures life time job guarantee. Once you secure a government job, you can be sure that you will keep it until retirement. Another advantage is that even those who have completed their higher secondary exams successfully can apply for jobs in the government sector. However, cracking these exams can be extremely tough because of the sheer number of competitors. Lacs of people apply for posts that requires 2000 people or so. You have to be mentally tough and need to guess the types of questions that are going to be put before you.

In such a situation, ICS is your best bet. Its highly qualified faculty along with some of the best teachers available make sure that you are totally prepared for the job. They have won 24 awards, have a base of 248 extremely qualified teachers, and offer 675 courses. This ensures that you can be sure that you will find a course suitable for passing the exams of your dreams successfully. ICS has had successfully helped approximately 5,250 students get a government job of their dreams and the number is increasing each year. Their courses starts from the basic level and finishes at the advanced level, making sure that their students have a concrete knowledge base when appearing for exams. One can gauge the success story of ICS by the fact that they now have over sixty branches in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Haryana. This is no mean feat considering that they started as late as 2009 and had a base of only 17 students. As all of their branches are connected via satellite link from their main office, all of their students get to study the same course and avail of the same quality of teaching. Remember, individuals who hold government jobs have a different value in society and are happy with the knowledge that their jobs are stable and that their future is safe. Forge your successful future today and become the proud recipient of a government job by enrolling and studying with ICS today.

“The key to success lies in permanent staff with good teaching skills.”